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Xu Hướng 6/2023 # ‘True Beauty’ Episode 7 Spoilers From Webtoon: Ju # Top 8 View

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At the end of ‘True Beauty’ episode 6, we saw how Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) had been kidnapped by Seo-jun’s (Hwang In-yeop) rivals after they mistakenly believe that she is his girlfriend. Considering how Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) and Seo-jun are together, it makes us wonder which of them will end up bailing her out of this treacherous situation of still being bullied by her former classmates. Will Seo-jun unknowingly help Ju-kyung find the courage to face up to her bullies and their friends or will it be Su-ho. There is also the possibility of Seo-jun learning of Ju-kyung’s secret in the process of bailing her out and all of this has us excited to watch the brand new episode that will drop tonight. However, we hope that Ju-kyung manages to get out of this situation on her own like she did when she was kidnapped because that is a great way of showing how one can stand up to bullies and not be put in the position of a damsel in distress.

Considering how she had managed to call her friend Soo-jin and set up a video call while being captured by Seo-jun’s rival, it definitely gives us hope, and so far, the show has brilliantly set itself apart from the comics. The faults that we had seen so far in the comics have been replaced with some interesting subplots to help strengthen the screenplay. In fact, the upcoming episode would entirely veer away from the comics as we will see Seo-jun actively try and stop Su-ho from getting any closer with Ju-kyung. Of course, he manages to ask her out on a date despite this. Then there is also the fact that Soo-jin is seen hugging Su-ho as he comforts her. This has probably got to do with Soo-jin’s father mistreating her at home with unrealistic expectations, but this may also hinder Ju-kyung and Su-ho’s relationship.

This is also the case with Seo-jun and Su-ho’s animosity as well. Despite learning that Su-ho had helped his mother get surgery after their friend Se-yeon’s death, Seo-jun is not ready to give in and accept Su-ho. He continues to blame Su-ho instead as that has become his coping mechanism to get through the process of grieving his friend’s loss. The fact that Su-ho’s father played an active role in Se-yeon’s decision to die by suicide as we learned in episode 6, only worsens the situation between the two.

We also hope to see Ju-kyung, Seo-jun, and Su-ho help each other heal from their past wounds instead of it being a one-way street or even a two way street between Su-ho and Ju-kyung for that matter. Of course, we can already see the show setting itself up for major second lead syndrome with Seo-jun, as he had just begun to fall for Su-ho, but a more holistic approach to the overall plot would be great too! One thing that is certain however is that both Su-ho and Seojun will end up becoming jealous after a handsome sportsperson ends up hitting on Ju-kyung.

‘True Beauty’ episodes will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 pm on tvN in Seoul, and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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